StandardAero Starts Phase 2 Airframe/Drivetrain Mods for the Pinal Co. Arizona Sheriff Department UH-1H Helicopter

StandardAero has begun phase 2 for the Pinal County Arizona Sheriff Department UH-1H helicopter upgrades as part of a three-phase modification program to enhance the performance of this special purpose helicopter and is expected to be completed within 150 to 180 days.

StandardAero defines this three-phase modification as its UH-1Hupgrade also known as “Hot, High & Heavy” upgrade.  The upgrade is offered to qualified operators who fly in the harshest conditions in the hottest and highest flying environments with significant increased lifting capabilities to successfully complete their critical missions.

The phase 2 effort includes installing airframe modifications to the liftbeam, mainbeams, tailboom attach area and engine mount and main transmission mount areas.  It also includes upgrading main transmission and drive shaft assemblies.  These airframe modifications are designed for increasing horsepower and torque required for the improved lift capability of 5,000 lbs. external cargo capacity and a 10,500 lbs. external gross weight limitation.

The airframe modifications are being completed at StandardAero’s helicopter airframe facility located in Langley, British Columbia, Canada, where the company maintains the certified fixtures, specialized tooling, training, data and experience to complete this modification.

StandardAero completed Phase 1 in July 2021 providing upgrade modifications to the UH-1H Tailboom and Airframe.  Phase 1 benefits included improved hover-hold tasks, yaw control, high DA capability, reduced torque, reduced tail rotor power requirements and reduced fuel consumption.  Phase 1 also included an upgraded Engine/Transmission cooling system.

“Since initiating development back in 1992, we have been actively performing these UH-1H airframe modifications specifically for public use.  We have successfully performed upgrades on over 150 military and restricted category UH-1H operators to provide significant safety and performance enhancements so they can conduct their highly specialized missions with confidence,” said Elvis Moniz, Vice President of Business Development Airframes of StandardAero’s Helicopters business unit.  “For the Pinal County Sheriff department, the additional external lift capabilities will enable them to more effectively operate this proven UH-1H utility helicopter configuration when performing critical firefighting, search and rescue and police operations with the increased performance and external payload capabilities that StandardAero’s upgrade provides.” 

Phase 3 is being considered for this same UH-1H helicopter in 2023.  The Phase 3 modification will install 212 blades MRH for an improvement to provide 10,500 lbs. internal/11,200 lbs. external gross weight.

“StandardAero continues to support this legacy utility helicopter and to work with the aviation industry and suppliers to incorporate modern innovations that provide improvements specific to customer operations and mission profiles,” concluded Moniz.