New Completion Services from AirLux Aircraft

Stratus Aircraft Services has launched a new division for corporate and VIP interior completions. AirLux Aircraft will offer LOPA design, engineering, interior modifications and retrofit, interior design and refurbishment. The company has invested in new equipment and recruited modification experts to join with interior craftsman in the new enterprise,

“We are extremely excited to officially launch our Completion Services, allowing us to be a quality one-stop-shop and providing innovative interior solutions,” said Mark Liker, president, and CEO. The company is also applying for its own operating certificate in order to manage and lease its own aircraft which include two Lear Jets, a Boeing 737 and an Embraer 145EP.

This is in addition to their original services that included avionics installations, heavy and line maintenance, and structural repairs. The company operates out of its San Bernardino facility in California and is a provider of heavy maintenance on narrow body Boeing and regional Embraer aircraft.