Boeing Announces Seven New Customers for Analytics Solutions

Boeing recently announced new agreements with seven customers for Boeing AnalytX solutions. This brings the total amount of analytics contracts signed this year to 223.

Boeing AnalytX focuses on transforming data into actionable insights and customer capabilities, services and products, the company says. Launched in June, Boeing says AnalytX helps their customers make data-informed decisions to reduce fuel costs, perform predictive maintenance, build flight plans and crew schedules and minimize unpredictable disruptions.

“Analytics isn’t a magic idea that will deliver results sometime in the future,” said David Longridge, Boeing Global Services vice president of sales and marketing. “It’s real and it’s working, here and now. Boeing has been using analytics for years to improve our own operations. Today’s announcements underscore the vast amount of prescriptive, predictive and descriptive solutions Boeing AnalytX is already providing to customers today.”

The companies include with the new agreements include Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Condor, Japan Airlines, MTU Aero Engines, Qantas and others.