ATP Now Offers Cessna Citation Data

Through an agreement with Textron Aviation, Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) will now directly integrate technical data from the Cessna Citation family of business jets into the ATP Aviation Hub cloud and mobile applications.

The agreement covers all of the variants of the Cessna Citation family of jets, which have been phased into the ATP Maintenance Libraries.

“This is something our customers have been asking for,” said Bob Jones, managing editor of the ATP AskBob Community, an online community that leverages collective maintenance knowledge. “Our Cessna Citation customers now have anywhere, anytime access to all relevant technical and regulatory data from a single source.

ATP recently announced a new vision to expand industry value by interconnecting data, workflows, diagnostics, troubleshooting, proactive fault detection and maintenance processes in order to help all constituents operate more productively. ATP’s integrated suite of services digitizes and integrates previously disconnected and time-intensive maintenance workflows with embedded content.