Duncan Aviation Receives Rolls-Royce CorporateCare Authorization

Duncan Aviation has received a new authorization from Rolls-Royce for CorporateCare and new engine warranty work on aircraft at all Duncan Aviation facilities and remote work locations. Duncan Aviation is authorized, trained and equipped to perform engine removals and installations, line level inspections, maintenance and repair, and service bulletins. Duncan Aviation representatives will now file warranty claims directly on behalf of its customers.

Rolls-Royce has recently developed an online tool for filing claims called the Authorized Service Center Business Toolkit. The toolkit gives direct access to the Rolls-Royce database for CorporateCare, new engine warranty and campaign programs, and eliminates the need to exchange spreadsheets and paperwork by email. Duncan Aviation representatives simply log onto the toolkit and enter a customer’s information to review the customer’s specific coverage and to create, update, and submit claims for CorporateCare and warranty items.

James Prater, manager engine service, said, “I applaud Rolls-Royce for its online Business Toolkit. It is a simple, intuitive tool that provides for fluid dialogue between the service center and the OEM so that we can keep the project moving forward for the customer.”