Duncan Upgrades G-150 for ADS-B

Duncan Aviation’s satellite avionics shop in Kansas City, Missouri, recently upgraded a G150 for ADS-B. As part of the upgrade, the shop sent the aircraft’s TDR-94D transponders to its Lincoln, Nebraska, facility to be upgraded.

Duncan Aviation states that it is the only independent service facility authorized to repair, modify and convert the TDR-94D to a -501, which is required for ADS-B certification. Technicians on Duncan Aviation’s Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) bench have 40 years of combined experience on TDR-94 repairs and modifications, and support Rockwell Collins part numbers of 622-9352-002 through -008; -108; -207; -308-311; -408-411; -500-501. To date, Duncan Aviation’s DME Bench has upgraded 132 TDR-94Ds.

The customer already had the WAAS sensors, so the Kansas City team finished the upgrade four days ahead of schedule. “Being able to send TDR-94Ds to our team in Lincoln gives us a huge advantage in being able to complete ADS-B installations very quickly,” said Jeff Aman, the Kansas City shop manager.