Etihad Engineers Awarded EASA Part21G POA

Etihad Airways Engineering has announced that it has become the first organisation in the Middle East to receive a Part21G Production Organisation Approval (POA) by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

This now allows Etihad Airways Engineering to manufacture interior parts such as seat covers, carpets, curtains, decals and markings alongside composite and other cabin structures and release them with an EASA airworthiness certificate. They can be installed onto aircraft registered in Europe or in any country recognising EASA certificates.

Jeff Wilkinson, chief executive of Etihad Airways Engineering, said: “We are pleased to offer Etihad Airways, its equity partners and third party customers the flexibility of making cabin parts in-house. It will offer shorter lead times and competitive modification services
as a package, in combination with our EASA Part21J design approvals and the testing labs operated with our partners. We remain focussed on developing our maintenance, repair and overhaul capabilities as a one-stop-facility while focusing on new platforms and delivering the highest standards of safety and quality.”

Etihad Airways Engineering is an AS9110 certified organisation and already holds EASA 145 approval, alongside EASA 21J approval for designing and undertaking minor and major changes and repairs.

Caption: The Etihad Airways Engineering team display their Production Organisation Approval certificate. (L-R) Michael Adams, VP MRO operations; Bernhard Randerath, VP design, Engineering and Innovation; Jeff Wilkinson, CEO Etihad Engineering; Stephan Keil, senior manager projects.

KLM UK Provides EASA Exam Support to Kris Sakti Aviation

KLM UK Engineering will send examiners with its Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) software  which will allow Malaysian Kris Sakti Aviation’s students to gain their EASA Part 66 B Licence.

In Kuala Lumpur, Dato’ Sri Mahmud Taib, the chairman of KS Holdings and KS Angkasamudra said: “Aviation engineers are highly trained professionals and with the support of KLM UKE we will provide training and develop individuals to become knowledgeable, skilled and competent. This mutually beneficial collaboration and smart partnership with KLM UKE utilizing their VLE products will enable the trainees to be fast tracked and obtain their EASA part 66 B licences, while helping to grow the next generation of aircraft maintenance engineers which is urgently required in the aviation industry.”

Peter Van Der Horst, managing director of KLM UKE added: “The partnership with KS Angkasamudra is a huge step forward in our aim to connect KLM UKE’s VLE products to many young engineers in the UK and abroad. The industry needs many good engineers for the future to accommodate the growing worldwide fleet and to replace inevitable retirements. KLM UKE wants to leverage its knowledge and experience and connect many more universities and aviation academies to its growing educational centre. This centre will be located within the International Aviation Academy in Norwich from April 2017.”