Aerospace Tech Week Joins Praise for Covid-19 Vaccine to Get Aviation Industry Moving Again

Organisers of Aerospace Tech Week, premier exhibition and conference for the aerospace technology community, have welcomed the news of the potential Covid-19 vaccine as an opportunity to get the devastated aviation industry moving again.

Since the initial lockdowns and grounding of aircraft across Europe in March, the air transport industry has struggled to get moving again due to continued travel restrictions and concerns of travellers, despite the industry demonstrating its excellent safety and clean cabin air through use of high quality HEPA filters.

Air transport continues to be around half of its pre-pandemic levels and has created turbulence and uncertainty, but with a possible vaccine on the horizon has been given a confidence boost that the industry can begin to look forward to better times.

With many airlines being provided financial support from Government’s, many of these are linked to reducing the environmental impact of aviation. Technology and developments in engineering solutions will be key factors in enhancing the sectors green comeback, with Aerospace Tech Week showcasing much of this latest tech.

Adrian Broadbent, CEO and owner of Aerospace Tech Week and Aerospace Tech Review magazine, said, “We are very encouraged by the announcement of a possible Covid-19 vaccine to build confidence in all industries, and especially the hard hit aviation industry.”

“We hope this enables future investment to thrive in new technologies, cleaner aircraft and improved solutions for the sector to demonstrate its commitment to cleaner skies. Aerospace Tech Week will enable many of these technologies to be showcased and we look forward to welcoming the industry to Toulouse on 26th-27th May 2021 for an exciting and safe back-to-business environment.” Continued Mr Broadbent.

Further details, including international expert speakers, will be announced soon at