Nordam Reorganises in Tulsa and Wales

Nordam chief executive Meredith Siegfried Madden has announced organizational changes in the company‘s Tulsa‐ and Wales, U.K.‐based repair divisions.

T. Hastings Siegfried, vice chairman of the company’s board of directors, chief operating officer of its transparency group, and sales development leader  for Asia‐Pacific, is now also responsible for the firm’s repair facility in the U.K. A joint venture of Nordam and GE Aircraft Engine Services, Nordam Europe repairs or overhauls thrust reversers, nacelles, engine and exhaust components.

Phil Marshall, vice president and general manager of the Nordam interiors & structures division, is now also responsible for its repair division. The Tulsa facility repairs a wide range of aerospace parts, including thrust reversers, nacelles, flight control surfaces, engine and exhaust components and radomes. Customers include commercial airlines, air‐freight carriers and the military.

Said Madden: “Phil brings significant manufacturing experience to our repair division, which not only repairs parts but also
manufactures radomes and spares, while Hastings’ international sales and operation experience meshes well with our U.K. division and international joint‐venture activities.“

Picture: T. Hastings Siegfried