Satair and VAS Aero Services collaborate to offer used/surplus parts

MRO Americas, Orlando, FL: Airbus subsidiary Satair Group has signed a new services agreement with VAS Aero Services to offer surplus and used serviceable material for Airbus aircraft to the market alongside new parts.

VAS, a leader in aviation logistics and aftermarket services including end-of-life support, will assist Satair with servicing, certification, warehousing and distribution of OEM excess parts inventory, be it simply surplus or used serviceable material.

Bart Reijnen, chief executive officer of Satair Group, called the deal “a clear commitment” to offer more to its customers, who will be able to view and purchase the surplus/USM parts through the Airbus online portals.

“We bring all the intellectual property data of pricing, demand, fair market value assessment of each part to the partnership,” explained VAS Aero Services chief executive officer Tommy Hughes. “By working with VAS, Satair will shorten the learning gap of utilising such data, as VAS is already there.”

Dynamic updates will be made to keep the market updated with news of when newly-acquired surplus and/or USM has been made available to operators.

(Photo – from left to right: Satair CEO, Bart Reijnen and VAS Aero Services executive chairman, Adi Bernstein).

By Bernie Baldwin, editorial contributor