THOMMEN Introduces AC32 Air Data Computer Product Configurator Software

THOMMEN AIRCRAFT EQUIPMENT announced the availability of a new software tool to configure the AC32 Air Data Computer.

The Air Data Computer is a vital aircraft component and configuration to the aircraft system is essential. The AC32 is a highly customizable Air Data Computer, that can be integrated to many rotary wing and fixed wing applications.

This software offers our customers the opportunity to explore the features of the AC32 and configure it directly for the respective application. It also helps when adapting external sensors (TAT/ OAT / AoA).

Many time-consuming clarifications are simplified with this user-friendly tool, so that problems can be easily identified at an early stage. A major advantage for the customer is that they can quickly create a feasibility study in advance and understand the system connection to the aircraft interactively.

In general, the time for aircraft level certification for the AC32 Air Data Computer as an LRU can be significantly reduced. For retrofit cases such as replacing an obsolete Air Data Computer, this tool is useful to find a suitable part number.

Features of the software include:

· Configuration of aircraft specific parameters (altitude, airspeed, and Mach range)

· Configuration of discretes for certain functions (e.g., airspeed warnings, warning flags)

· Individual selection of ARINC 429 labels

· Sensor adaptation and calibration for TAT / OAT probes

· Sensor adaptation and calibration of AoA probe

· Specific corrections, such as SSEC, IAS offset slope or IAS/CAS conversion, can be configured

· Internal digital filters for outputs can be configured

The software is available for Windows 11, 10 and 7 and can be downloaded here: AC32 Product Configurator Software.