Tide Rock Acquires CABLENET Aerospace, Supplying the Space, Aircraft, and Military Industries

Tide Rock, an unlevered buyout firm with a portfolio of diverse economically resilient B2B businesses, acquired CABLENET Aerospace, a contract manufacturer for the aerospace, military, space and OEM industries in Denver, Colorado.

Since its founding in 1990, CABLENET has been supplying the space aircraft and military with quality work in high priority applications.

“We are now uniquely positioned to provide a more complete outstanding service to customers in broad markets where mission-critical solutions are required,” said CABLENET Aerospace CEO and CTO Ray Assayesh. “I am excited to collaborate with the larger team to uphold our commitment to delivering exceptional service and products.”

CABLENET specializes in turnkey applications for GSE (ground support equipment), EGSE (electronic ground support equipment) and space launch infrastructure, including test tooling design, engineering, manufacturing, and prototyping to customer specifications. The company’s 20,000-square-foot facility features state-of-the-art equipment, utilized to manufacture products of the highest quality, with quick delivery.

CABLENET will become a division of Tide Rock company, Interconnect Solutions Company (ISC), a vertically-integrated manufacturing company, specializing in electromechanical assembly, custom overmolded solutions and interconnects for mission-critical aerospace, military, defense and life sciences projects.

“CABLENET serves demanding customers in cutting-edge fields where the stakes are high and quality is essential,” said ISC CEO Nick Kendall-Jones. “Their capabilities complement ISC’s strong reputation in enterprise-level, mission critical interconnect and electromechanical solutions. Together, we can bring more complex and sophisticated solutions to the most demanding customers.”

“We are excited to welcome CABLENET to the Tide Rock family,” said Brooks Kincaid, president of Tide Rock. “CABLENET has earned a strong reputation with its aerospace and defense customers, including many of the leaders in their respective industries. We look forward to adding their advanced skills and experience in critical applications to ISC and to expanding ISC’s footprint into Colorado, a major aerospace hub..”

The acquisition allows CABLENET to add its expertise and service to the growing enterprise customer base of ISC, as well as benefit from complementary businesses, a press announcement stated.