Turkish Technic Completes Its First Boeing 777-300ER Landing Gear Overhaul

Turkish Technic has recently completed its first landing gear overhaul on one of Boeing’s new generation long range aircraft, 777-300ER.

Increasing its competitiveness in the sector with its newly gained aircraft type and component capabilities while increasing its service portfolio in the last few years, Turkish Technic has added a significant milestone in this regard as the landing gear shipset for the 777-300ER type is very different than other Boeing 777 models and 777-300ER type is entering into fleets of more airlines every day. 

Mikail Akbulut, CEO of Turkish Technic

“Our landing gear overhaul numbers increased 40% in 2021, totaling 216 landing gear shipsets,” said Mikail Akbulut, CEO of Turkish Technic. “Completing our first 777-300ER landing gear overhaul marks a significant milestone in our service portfolio. In addition to aircraft maintenance, our expertise in landing gear maintenance, repair and overhaul gives us a very high level of confidence in meeting the needs and expectations of our customers. We are happy to be able to deliver our first Boeing 777-300ER landing gear over to our customer on time and within budget. I thank our team for their hard work and commitment.”

Turkish Technic provides comprehensive landing gear services for Airbus A319, A320, A321, A330 enhanced, A330 family, A340, Boeing 737 Next Generation and 777-300ER.