WISER Systems, Inc. Unveils New Software Analytics at MRO Americas 2024

WISER Systems is unveiling its latest graphical user interface (GUI) enhancement for its ATLAS, the enterprise-wide live positioning system. The company says its new GUI is a testament to their commitment to innovation and enhanced customer usability in real-time asset tracking.

The enhanced GUI features improved search functionality, enhanced graphical features for better visualization of thousands of tagged items, upgraded tag reassignment capabilities for faster throughput and enhanced tag rules and notifications.

ATLAS provides precise, wireless location tracking for hundreds to thousands of tagged items in real-time, even within densely packed metallic environments. This advanced system maintains high accuracy while minimizing infrastructure requirements, ensuring easy installation and usage.

Companies of all sizes can benefit from deploying WISER ATLAS site and campus-wide, enabling seamless association of work orders or part numbers with tags via the WISER mobile/desktop app. This association facilitates instant tracking throughout and beyond manufacturing facilities, capturing processes indoors and outdoors.

Utilizing proprietary UWB Redundant Radio Location & Tracking (RRLT) technology, WISER’s ATLAS addresses Industry 4.0 priorities such as smart manufacturing, operational improvements, warehouse management, inventory control, supply chain logistics, and yard management.

Mark Dirks, chief revenue officer at WISER Systems, emphasized the significance of the new GUI enhancement, stating, “Our enhanced GUI will significantly improve the user experience with WISER’s ATLAS. It revolutionizes asset tracking by enabling real-time, high accuracy tracking of thousands to tens of thousands of work orders and assets simultaneously, even in challenging industrial environments. The system offers unparalleled accuracy with minimal infrastructure requirements, making it a cost-effective solution with rapid return on investment.”

WISER Systems’ dedication to innovation continues to propel advancements in real-time asset tracking, empowering companies to optimize operations and achieve greater efficiency.