MHD-ROCKLAND Services Select WinAir for Aircraft Maintenance Management

WinAir announced that MHD-ROCKLAND Services has chosen WinAir Version 7 to manage their aircraft maintenance programs. After receiving a recommendation from their director of Maintenance (DOM), Clifford Sabel, a previous WinAir user, the company completed an on-site pre-implementation consultation and determined that WinAir was the solution of choice for their operation. Based on MHD- ROCKLAND’s requirement for significant hands-on support, aggressive implementation timeline, and the intricate nature of their new line of business, WinAir was the only viable solution that was recommended.

“Flight Operations” is a newly established division of MHD-ROCKLAND Services, with a hangar facility located at the Keystone Heights Airport, Starke, Florida, USA. The company is currently in the process of ramping up operations for its fleet of five recently acquired aircraft and are preparing for their commercial Aircraft Operator Certificate (AOC). The Flight Operations Division will concentrate primarily on the training of P-3C flight crews (pilots and flight engineers) for the P-3C Orion aircraft. It will draw on the experience of its parent company MHD-ROCKLAND Inc., which has operated in the aerospace industry for over 50 years, maximizing aircraft performance, reducing downtime, and extending the service life of aging commercial and military fleets. The parent company is also a US Government channel partner and boasts one of the world’s largest privately-owned P-3 and C-130 inventories.

Since MHD-ROCKLAND Services will be training and performing maintenance exclusively on the P-3C Orion, and knowing that WinAir has experience with similar complex aircraft variances, this added to their confidence in the product. Once MHD-ROCKLAND Services spoke with Clifford, they realized that WinAir had a significant track record for streamlining processes and boosting operational efficiencies in a well-supported user-friendly manner. Due to the fact that MHD-ROCKLAND Services would be operating the aircraft at their new location, they knew that WinAir was the only software provider that could adequately handle these risks and allow them to remain compliant with standards and regulations.

“From our initial conversations with our DOM, we knew that we were dealing with an aviation maintenance software provider that had the knowledge, expertise, and experience to help us commence our operation,” says David Dorrance, VP Corporate Development at MHD- ROCKLAND Inc. “Hearing first-hand about the benefits of working with WinAir spoke volumes about the company’s focus on their client’s success.”

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