Kellestine Takes Charge of Mid-Canada Mod Center’s Service Department

Vince Kellestine has returned to Mid-Canada Mod Center (MC2) to take charge of the company’s service department. The avionics veteran’s objective is to re-tool the company’s service department to make it more efficient and better able to serve clients during these challenging times and into the future.
“We’re pleased to welcome Vince back to lead our service department once again,” said Bill Arsenault, president of Mid-Canada Mod Center. “With 30 plus years of experience, his deep understanding of avionics and the needs of aircraft owners and operators comes from years of supporting commercial and corporate aircraft across the spectrum from Boeing and Airbus to Bombardier, Gulfstream and Falcon, to Hawker, Citation, Learjet and others. Over the last three years, we have been reshaping and developing MC2 to better serve our growing client base. Vince re-joining the team is another key step in this endeavor and we are eager to see the effect of his leadership on this important department. The results are certain to be reflected in our customers’ experience.”
A senior avionics technician, Kellestine previously managed the company’s service department from 1997 to 2011. Following an assignment in Thailand, he returned to Canada in 2014. He maintained Bombardier CRJs and Beechcraft at Air Georgian, and followed-up that position at Onex Partners Group with daily and preflight inspections and maintenance on Gulfstream 650, GIV, and other aircraft. With experience across a broad range of avionics systems, Kellestine holds a TCCA, AME CAT E license and a private pilot’s license.

“Joining Mid-Canada Mod Center again is a real home coming for me in a number of ways,” Kellestine said. “I have the opportunity to work with the best in the business, plus managing and developing the service organization is a challenge that I am keen to take on. Aircraft owners and operators need an organization they can trust, especially in these unprecedented times. It is my goal to ensure that with the team’s support, our clients will see immediate benefits.”

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