Aero Capital Solutions Partners with GE Digital to Deliver Environmental Efficiencies to Lessor’s Customers

Aero Capital Solutions, Inc. (ACS), a mid-life aircraft and engine leasing platform, announced a strategic alliance with GE Digital that will support the delivery of a range of optimization services to the lessor’s airline partners.

As part of ACS’ commitment to support sustainable business practices, the alliance with GE Digital will facilitate ACS’ lessees to enhance the efficiency of their aircraft operations thereby reducing their environmental footprint and carbon-related costs.

The optimization services will be offered by GE Digital, using its data and analytics platform that merges airlines’ flight data with flight plans to tactically increase aircraft fuel efficiency and reduce waste. This will enable ACS’ airline partners to achieve fuel burn reductions, optimize aircraft and engine maintenance scheduling, and evolve and enhance pilot training.

ACS has created this partnership as part of its long-term ESG commitment and will receive no payment from GE Digital for any business it refers to them.

“Partnering with a world-class organization like GE Digital to deliver these services for our customers reflects ACS’ long-term commitment to our ESG goals,” Jason Barany, CEO and CIO of ACS, said. “This alliance will enable our customers to optimize their aircraft utilization while reducing their footprint.”

“We feel a responsibility to make our world better for future generations,” said Andrew Coleman, general manager for GE Digital’s Aviation Software business. “This includes ensuring that our customers and partners are empowered to reduce the impact of their environmental footprint within their operations with digital technology. We are proud to partner with ACS to further their goals to deliver environmental solutions to their customers.”