Aeronautica SDLE and Grupo Rías Prepare a Micro Drone for Disinfection with Ultraviolet (UVC)

Aeronautica SDLE and Grupo Rías Prepare a Micro Drone for Disinfection with Ultraviolet (UVC)

Spanish companies Aeronáutica SDLE and Grupo Rías are developing a micro drone emitting ultraviolet light (UVC) to disinfect surfaces and indoor and outdoor areas. The drone will provide quick and effective sterilization that ensures the elimination of the coronavirus essential to stopping its spread. The latest medical studies have verified the virus can remain active for up to 72 hours on certain materials such as plastic.

C-band ultraviolet light system (UVC) is highly effective and applied from a micro drone of these characteristics, it can disinfect large areas in a few minutes. This micro drone is being manufactured for this purpose, works with sensors that allow it to perform its function remotely inside buildings and avoid human exposure to the risk of infection. The drone will have 15 minutes endurance, when charged.

Virus removal by ultraviolet light is 99.99% effective on both surfaces and in the air, making it the most recommended technique by health authorities to prevent coronavirus in hospitals and all its rooms, public spaces, offices , industrial buildings, etc., disinfecting more effectively compared to manual cleaning and disinfecting spray solutions.

Ultraviolet light works by deactivating the DNA of pathogens, which guarantees that disinfected spaces can be occupied immediately after cleaning, without any exposure to the virus or to any product that is aggressive for health or the environment. “Robots do not replace people, but they are capable of performing tasks that a person could not safely do, complementing human endeavors and playing a notable role in almost all aspects of crisis management,” the two companies say.

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