Aerotex Launches STC, FAA Certified and Tested Wall Blanket Kit

Aerotex Aircaft Interiors, recently launched its engineer-certified and tested wall blanket kit. The Aerotex interior wall blanket kit is developed to replace the standard Bell 407, 206L, 206L-1, 206L-3 and 206L-4 cabin interior trim plastics with lightweight blankets. The set provides thermal insulation, sound reduction, weighs 7-lbs. and costs less than the standard aircraft plastic interior.

Combining cutting-edge engineering and advanced certification methods by AVIO design group Inc., with the sophisticated technology in product development and quality materials by Aerotex, the Aerotex Wall Blanket kit ensures weight reduction of approximately 25 lbs. With its slim profile, lightweight construction and materials, the kit weighs a total of just 7 lbs. This latest innovation by Aerotex withstood a series of tests and inspections. The Wall Blanket kit is also approved and certified by Transport Canada and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), providing users with confidence with product usage and the compliance required for safety operations.

According to Aerotex Aircraft Interiors’ directors, Carson Chanthyvong and Ben Crowe, the Aerotex Wall Blanket Kit is the very first Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) certified interior wall blanket for various Bell helicopter models. “We at Aerotex worked with Avio DG, the engineering team behind this project and we developed the wall blanket kit with sustainability and operation-efficiency in mind. It is an innovation that we hope to make a difference in the aviation industry,” Chanthyvong and Crowe said.


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