AEVEX Aerospace VP Honored With French Medal for Us-France Military Cooperation

AEVEX Aerospace is proud to announce that Skip Arny, vice president of business development, was awarded the prestigious Medaille Aeronautique, a French state decoration recognizing outstanding contributions as an aviator to the defense of France and her partners – the United States and NATO. The award was presented on VE Day, May 8. Arny was recognized for his role in strengthening military “teaming” between the United States and France during his tenure as the U.S. Naval Attaché from 2014 to 2017.

“I am extremely honored to receive the Medaille Aeronautique,” said Arny. “It symbolizes the historical roots of combat aviation pioneered by France in World War I. This makes it incredibly meaningful to my aviation ‘family’ in both the USA and France.” Arny expressed his gratitude towards Air Major General Bertrand Jardin, France’s Defense Attaché, his family, and his friends in France who nominated him for this honor.

The Medaille Aeronautique was envisioned by France during WWI, and acknowledges both military personnel and civilians for exceptional achievements in aeronautics. Initially conceived before the Second World War, the intent was to create an aerial order of merit for individuals working in aeronautics, a parallel to the Order of Maritime Merit.