AFI KLM E&M to Merge Barfield and AMG

AFI KLM251AFI KLM E&M continues to strengthen its offerings to customers worldwide, and particularly in the U. S. The company has, during the last several years, acquired several key companies and says that allows it to better serve current customers and positions itself to gain additional business in the largest MRO market in the world and the U. S.

And, as we went to press, the company announced that after a year at the helm of Barfield, Johann Panier has now been appointed CEO of Aero Maintenance Group (AMG) in order to lead the merger of these two subsidiaries in the Americas. Panier succeeds Christian Tallec who has led AMG for the last five years.

Barfield was acquired by AFI KLM E&M in 2014. Barfield’s support services are organized into five main activities: component services, airline programs, distribution, ground support test equipment (GSTE) and rotables and trading. Barfield is also an authorized repair facility for more than 30 OEMs. Barfield has 250 employees across its 3 facilities in the United States: Miami (FL), Phoenix (AZ) and Louisville (KY).

The Miami-headquartered subsidiary, AMG, provides component repair and supply services for the commercial aviation sector from three regional locations. “This local presence affords AFI KLM E&M the ability to perform and develop repair capabilities locally, enabling effective solutions tailored to the unique needs of its North American customers,” the company stresses.

Initially back in 2005, AFI took a 40 percent stake in AMG but it eventually became a wholly owned subsidiary.  AMG is comprised of AMG Aero Technologies, AMG Air-Pro and AMG Precision Electronics.

AFI KLM2250The two announced a common integrated sales team in May under the direction of John Rogers. The company said in May that the integration initiative was “fully in line with the AFI KLM E&M sales policy, with the objective of reinforcing a customer-centric approach and maximizing sales momentum. “The company also said at that time i twas working on strengthening the synergies of the two subsidiaries.

Bonus Aerospace and Bonus Tech are additional concerns in the AFI KLM E&M portfolio. It is a joint venture between AFI, KLM and Centurion Cargo created in March of 2013. Formerly known as JB Power, the company was dubbed Bonus Aerospace in 2006. This company grouping is also located in Miami, Fla. Bonus Aerospace focuses on specialized P&W engine repair, overhaul and after sales services. Sister company Bonus Tech specializes in engine teardown and parts sourcing. This company is led by Vincent Benoit, CEO.

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