Air Industries Group Receives Two Strategically Important New Contracts from New Customers

Air Industries Group, an integrated Tier 1 manufacturer of precision assemblies and components for mission-critical aerospace and defense applications, and a prime contractor to the U.S. Department of Defense, announced that it has received two separate strategically important contracts, both from new customers.

Air Industries has received an initial order for structural engine nacelle components for the new CH-53K Heavy Lift Helicopter. This initial order is for just under $1 million, but is the first release against an anticipated five-year order expected to be in excess of $12 million.

Separately, Air Industries has received an order from a major landing gear manufacturer for actuator subassemblies on a developmental aircraft. This initial order is modest at approximately $1 million, but this award concludes what has been a multi-year effort to establish a relationship with this large and important customer. When the program enters the production phase, the anticipated order value increases exponentially.

Lou Melluzzo, CEO of Air Industries, commented: “These awards are very satisfying and result from our increased investment and efforts in business development. Air Industries is focused on increasing its workshare on the Sikorsky CH-53K. This new contract from a new customer furthers that goal.

“The second contract is also from a new customer and is significant to Air Industries, as it represents an important first step from a large OEM in establishing a relationship that will grow materially. The order is for a developmental aircraft. Producing new, prototype product requires a high level of expertise, and considerable concurrent engineering skill. It is a tribute to Air Industries that this World Class OEM has placed its trust in us. We anticipate additional substantial orders in the coming months.”