AJW Group Signs Supply Chain Contract with Bombardier

AJW Group signed a long-term agreement with Bombardier, undertaking all repair management for Bombardier’s rotable inventory.

The contract with Bombardier represents a major expansion of AJW’s portfolio by the introduction of a new platform. The families of Bombardier business aircraft covered include the Learjet, Challenger and Global series.

A key feature of the contract is the strategic sourcing of repairs from OEMs and MROs, including AJW’s maintenance hub for component repair and overhaul service, AJW Technique. AJW will manage the repair process back-shop, optimizing performance, and efficiency of the services while reducing operating and total life cycle costs for Bombardier business aircraft.

As part of the agreement, AJW is providing dedicated repair specialists, utilizing its predictive analysis to support Bombardier in improving customer service, component reliability and time on-wing.

“This huge contract represents a significant strategic achievement for AJW,” Christopher Whiteside, president and CEO of AJW Group, said. “Bombardier is the first airframe OEM we have partnered with as part of a long-term supply chain management agreement and we are excited to be working alongside their team. As a result, AJW continues to develop its relationships with key OEMs, resulting in an overall improvement and strengthening of our total component repair business.”

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