ALOFT AeroArchitects Redelivers a BBJ2 VVIP Interor Completion

ALOFT AeroArchitects (formerly PATS Aircraft Systems) redelivered a 737-800 Boeing Business Jet (BBJ2) interior completion project. This is the sixteenth VVIP completion by ALOFT at its facility in Georgetown, Del.
ALOFT says it delivered the aircraft, on schedule, to His Majesty the Sultan of Johor of Malaysia. The project outfitted the new BBJ2 with an interior designed in a partnership between ALOFT and Edese Doret Industrial Designs of New York. The custom-designed interior incorporated cutting edge interior equipment and systems and exclusive finishing materials.
“Once again, our experienced team of VVIP interior experts have partnered with our customer to deliver on a beautiful vision. With each new project, we take on the challenge of artfully creating an aerial extension of our clients’ life on the ground,” John Martin, ALOFT’s president and CEO, remarked. “We are entrusted to ensure that the tone by which they live, work and relax is meticulously maintained during their valuable time in the air. We also drive to exceed the clients’ lofty expectations. Our customers’ trust and satisfaction is a byproduct of the skill and dedication of our entire team and the pride they take in delivering the highest quality product to each valued client. This is the perfect aircraft to be our first redelivery under our new moniker, ALOFT AeroArchitects.”
ALOFT says the interior weight and noise suppression both exceeded customer expectations. The project was certified by the ALOFT on-site Organizational Designation Authorization (ODA) who issued the FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) and validated through the customer’s local airworthiness authority in Malaysia.

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