AMADA WELD TECH Announced the Release of the WL-300A Laser Workstations

AMADA WELD TECH Inc. announced the new WL-300A laser processing workstation, configured for nanosecond pulsed fiber laser applications. Typical applications include marking of metals, and select plastics particularly for medical, electronic components, battery, and aerospace applications.

This laser workstation is a larger version of the LMWS laser marker workstation that is designed to accommodate larger parts. Integrated with Amada Miyachi’s industrially proven LMF Fiber Lasers (10-70 W), the WL-300A units have the same GUI and interface for easy transfer from prototype to production phase. The WL-300A is available in bench top or floor standing options. Standard options available include an XY table, rotary stage, cover gas module, fume extraction, bar code reader, and camera systems to tailor the machines to the specific process.

Featuring fast, motorized Z-axis for easy focus adjustment, access to parts and tooling, and an optional XY table for step and repeat motion, the WL-300A offers a large viewing window for easy visual observation. Lens options include F-Theta 100 mm, 160 mm, 254 mm, and 420 mm for marking a wide variety of parts and sizes. An optional compact motorized rotary axis makes marking and welding cylindrical parts easy and fast. The workstation also provides easy part fixturing using the M6 threaded hole pattern mounting base plate. A fume extraction port is included with flexible tubing to extract harmful fumes created during the laser process.

The WL-300A can handle a wide variety of mark types, including line-art graphics; shaded graphics; TrueType fonts; single point or drill object arrays; and Data Matrix or QR code barcodes; as well as MS AutoDate, MS TextMerge, serialization, and barcode marks. Though primarily designed for laser marking and engraving applications, the laser source can also be used to weld and cut thin metals (up to 0.010” (250 micron). Software features include a powerful, user-friendly Windows 10 compatible Windows®-based job editor, easy graphics importing tools, multi-language support, and an advanced DXF filter with process optimization. Also available is password protected security lockout.

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