AMETEK AMERON Receives FAA-PMA Approval for Fire Extinguisher Cartridge

AMERON — a brand of AMETEK MRO and global provider of aviation safety OEM and PMA products and third-party repair and overhaul services — has received FAA-PMA approval for its fire extinguisher cartridge, part number (P/N) M30903962.

The M30903962 cartridge is used on the Embraer 170 series fire extinguisher bottles P/N 33500026-1 and is a direct replacement alternative for OEM cartridge P/N 30903962.

“AMERON’s M30903962 cartridge is designed to save customers money and last longer than the OEM alternative,” said Adam Brammer, Divisional Vice President and Business Manager of AMERON. “M30903962 has a service life two years longer and shelf life five years longer than the OEM.”

The main function of the M30903962 cartridge is to fracture the rupture disc and start the release of fire extinguishing agent. During a fire, an electrical signal is sent to the aircraft flight deck indicating an overheat or fire condition. The pilot then actuates a control switch, which sends a current to the cartridge. The subsequent cartridge ignition develops a shock wave through an air gap that fractures the rupture disc and releases the agent into the discharge tubing to the fire zone.

AMERON recommends the 33500026 fire extinguisher bottle be overhauled using the M30903962 cartridge every 10 years.