AMETEK MRO Singapore Invests in A350 Repair Capability

AMETEK Singapore has augmented its capabilities by investing in Airbus A350 maintenance solutions. The decision, which will provide customers in the Asia Pacific region with a regional support option for the full suite of cargo and galley heaters for the aircraft type, will be further complemented by AMETEK’s current airworthiness approvals including CAAS, CAAC, FAA, EASA, JCAB, CAAM, CAAV, and DGCA.

AMETEK Singapore has extended the number of airworthiness approvals that the group offers in the Asia Pacific region. In recent years, the company’s new investment to support aircraft, such as the A350, has been part of a focused strategy to expand the range of repair services to airlines across the broader region, including China and Japan.

“The A350 has a range of around 15,000km so it is hardly surprising that operators are choosing this aircraft to service their long-haul routes,” commented Dave Corish, divisional vice president and General Manager of AMETEK Singapore PTE. “As such, it is crucial to be able to provide comprehensive maintenance solutions, particularly in regions such as Asia Pacific, where European- and U.S.-based MROs are not viable repair options from a logistics point of view. As an authorized warranty repair station, we provide OEM warranty assessment as well as repair services for cockpit, galley, and bulk cargo components.”

AMETEK Singapore PTE will work with its sister company AMETEK Airtechnology Group as part of its end-to-end service offering strategy, to provide this additional global aftermarket support for its suite of A350 electrical heaters. AMETEK Airtechnology Group specializes in the design, development, and manufacture of thermal management and motion control products. Sheraz Ahmed, vice president and managing director of AMETEK Airtechnology Group, said, “By leveraging AMETEK’s dedicated and global aftermarket footprint, the teams have been able to establish capability in a seamless and efficient way. This allows us to provide our Asia Pacific customers with an enhanced level of support in-region as flight hours continue to recover and grow.”

AMETEK says the growth in their Singapore facility’s capabilities has increased the scope of component repair services across the aviation sector. Legacy carriers, low-cost airlines, regional operators, biz jets, and military opportunities are all integral to the long-term plans of the Singaporean facility. With predicted fleet growth expected to outpace that of other regions, local demand is forecast to increase exponentially in the next 10 years. As such, AMETEK Singapore recognises the need to deliver not only the highest standards but also the guaranteed turnaround times that today’s ultra-efficient airlines expect.

According to Corish, the pandemic has driven changes to AMETEK’s strategy causing a shift in how the MRO will address the market.

“We will be influenced by fleet retirements, airline restructuring and airline purchasing strategies,” said Corish. “Many aviation businesses have seen a downturn in revenue and will seize the opportunity to align their businesses with the new aftermarket that emerges post pandemic. As OEMs look to maximise opportunities on relatively new platforms — such as the A350 and B787 — without significantly increasing their local footprint, they will seek third-party MROs, like AMETEK, that have invested significantly in local capabilities. These OEMs will be interested in partnering on product repair and licensing agreements, especially for more mature product lines.”

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