Ampex Launches Low-cost Network File Server Recorder for Attritable Applications

Ampex Data Systems is meeting customer demand for low-cost data acquisition, recording, and network attached storage (NAS) with the new Common Architecture Recorder (CAR). The CAR shifts ruggedized data acquisition and storage from a capital expense to an operating cost and is ideal for ‘attritable’ systems like unmanned aerial or ground vehicle applications.

The low cost of the CAR is only rivaled by its small size and scalability, weighing only 2 pounds with a volume of 62 cubic inches, and up to 2 TB of storage. The CAR has the features users might want, but is not stuffed with the costly upgrades they don’t need. The CAR uses a non-proprietary, modular, extensible, Linux-based open architecture, providing the flexibility to add third-party applications without exclusionary constraints. Its 2 miniPCIe sites enable a variety of data options to include video with H.264 encoding, MIL-STD 1553, Gigabit Ethernet (fiber and dual copper), and others upon request. The CAR’s USB Type C interface provides direct download to the embedded storage and carries a 5Gb/s USB 3.1 link with Power Delivery (USB-PD3). The USB-PD3 allows the CAR to automatically switch roles and function as either standard USB storage or as the host computer.

“Ampex has always provided the best quality rugged storage for the high-end market,” stated Jim Orahood, vice president and general manager. “The CAR now offers the industry a similar capability at lower costs while still living up to our motto of providing ‘Excellence at the Edge’.”

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