ARC Completes Dual FMS Installations for tGNSS/WAAS & RNP

ARC Avionics Corporation (ARC) announced completion and delivery of a B737-400C as avionics-compliant for EASA-SESAR operations. ARC, as Universal Avionics integrator, has installed STC – ST03662AT for dual UNS-1Fw FMS and future UL-801 DataLink capability. Commercial Jet (KMIA) has installed an 11-pallet AEI cargo door and floor conversion as new NextGen DHL freighter conversion delivered to CarGOAir of Sofia, Bulgaria.
In accordance with NextGen and SESAR mandates, SN 24773 is the seventh B737 aircraft upgraded in a fleet of cargo freighters delivered to Bulgarian-based CarGOAir. Meanwhile, ARC has installed more Universal FMS in Boeing aircraft than any other EASA or FAA Engineering Repair Station. ARC’s SN 24773 upgrades include new Universal Dual; full LPV approach-coupled autopilot capability, panel annunciation and EFIS symbology; TrueNorth Avionics; dual Enhanced Mode S transponders, upgradeable for 2020 planning to ADS-B; 18 to 31 parameter Digital Flight Data Recorder (DFDR) upgrade; Digital Cockpit Voice Recorder (DCVR) and Fixed 406 Mhz ELT upgrades.
CarGOAir’s NextGen and SESAR compliant freighter is ARC’s 29th Universal Avionics upgrade on Boeing 737s completed at locations in Florida and Canada with many customized for European and VIP global operators.
ARC Avionics is an EASA/FAA 145 Engineering Repair Station with PMA kit building capabilities to support 12 STCs for Boeing airliners with NextGen and SESAR compliance toward future mandates.

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