Arnold Offers Thin-Rolled Titanium Foils and Alloys in a Broad Range of Thicknesses, Widths and Grades for Aerospace Applications

Arnold Magnetic Technologies, a subsidiary of Compass Diversified and manufacturer of high-performance magnets, magnetic assemblies, precision thin metals and highly loaded composites, announced its range of titanium foils and alloys. Arnold offers thin cold-rolled titanium in a variety of CP Grades and alloys and a broad range of thicknesses and widths for many aerospace and defense related applications that require a strong, lightweight, corrosion-resistant material that is highly workable, ductile, and weldable.

As a global leader in ultra-thin cold-rolled metal strip and foil, Arnold achieves unmatched thinness while maintaining controlled, consistent mechanical and physical quality. Arnold’s “Ultra Thin Gauge” foil is available in thickness down to 2 µm (0.00008“), in addition to the “Thin Gauge” options (0.020” – 0.0005“).

Widths are available up to 17.5”, depending on thickness. For example, foil 0.0029” – 0.001” thick has a maximum width of 16.5”. Widths as narrow as 0.031” can be achieved through slitting.

Arnold offers multiple Commercially Pure (CP) grades with 99%+ pure titanium. Options include Grade 1 which has the highest purity of commercially available titanium with excellent corrosion resistance to chlorides, and Grade 2, the most commonly specified grade of CP titanium, which has good ductility with excellent corrosion resistance especially to seawater and Grade 4 which is the strongest CP grade and is certified per AMS standards.

Available titanium alloys include Grade 9, 15-3-3-3, Grade 23, and Beta21s, a high strength material engineered specifically to improve resistance to oxidation and creep along with enhanced elevated temperature strength and stability.