ATP Casebank Rebrands as ATP Emphasizing Key Components, Strong History

Aircraft Technical Publishers and CaseBank Technologies Inc. have rebranded to become known as ATP, a leading provider of information services and software solutions for the aviation industry. The company is also introducing a new logo and tagline which celebrates their nearly 50 years of history within aviation, and their commitment to aircraft safety and reliability.

Aircraft Technical Publishers, the leading provider of maintenance and regulatory information and the cloud-based ATP Aviation Hub and ATP Libraries platforms, will now be marketed as ATP Information Services. CaseBank Technologies Inc., the developers of the ChronicX defect analysis and SpotLight guided troubleshooting platforms, will now be marketed as ATP Software Solutions. Combined, the new ATP has more than 6,700 customers in 137 countries globally, and services four key verticals within the aviation industry – OEMs, general aviation, commercial aviation, as well as military and defense.

Effective mid-April, the company began using their new logo and tagline. They say the logo was designed to “honor the rich history of the two companies within the aviation industry while also being a bolder and more modern representation of the future opportunities ahead.” The new tagline “Always Ready” represents the commitment of the company to its customers and the broader industry, while also being the mantra of ATP’s dedicated employees in delivering services and solutions.

“When you undertake a project to rebrand a company with this degree of experience in the aviation industry, the task at hand requires an extreme degree of thought and care,” notes James Geneau, chief marketing officer at ATP regarding the launch. “ATP’s solutions and services can be found in every corner of the aviation world. From a single propeller crop-duster in Iowa to the cabin of a passenger jet or supporting the mission of an F-35 Joint-Strike Fighter. We are dedicated to aviation, and this new brand strategy reinforces that we are always ready to make flying safer and more reliable.”

In addition to the launch of a new company website and social media channels, ATP says it will be launching a campaign over the coming months to reintroduce the industry to the new company. To learn more about the new brand and company vision, a dedicated webpage has been created at

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