ATP Releases Two New Products

Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) has released two new products, ATP Tool Compliance Manager and ATP Employee Compliance Manager. The availability of the new service offerings follow the company’s recently announced new strategic vision that will focus on helping maintenance providers seamlessly manage all of their end-to-end maintenance processes, from compliance tracking to inventory management to maintenance forecasting, from a unified software as a service (SaaS) solution.
The two new products are delivered on the only single-source cloud-based SaaS platform designed specifically for maintenance providers—offering exceptional control, flexibility, and affordability—as part of ATP’s integrated “smart content” suite of services, the company says. ATP enables customers to integrate workflows and optimize information management— resulting in improvements in productivity, cost savings, and aircraft utilizations, while also preventing costly regulatory lapses, they maintain.
“Effectively managing and tracking information is a huge challenge for maintenance providers because there are so many moving parts, technical information, operational requirements, and aviation safety, that all need to fit together,” said Charles Picasso, ATP’s new CEO. “Our customers told us that they need new solutions for replacing the spreadsheets and other time-consuming and disconnected processes, that they’re currently using to manually juggle all of it and make sure that nothing slips through the cracks. We’ve listened and are thrilled to announce two products that will finally enable them to manage these critical processes in a single streamlined and integrated fashion.”

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