Aviation Electronics Europe 2017 Preliminary Conference Programme


The premier annual conference and exhibition for the international avionics community, Aviation Electronics Europe, has launched the preliminary conference programme which addresses discussions on the latest challenges facing the industry.

Aviation Electronics Europe will take place on 25th-26th April 2017 in Munich, Germany, with leading international experts speaking on key industry topics  including the Single European Sky and Next-Gen initiatives.

Key areas of discussion include:

– Future Avionics Mandates – the bridge between cockpit and ATM programmes

– Standards and Certification

– End to end connected aircraft challenges

– Data Comms & Cyber Security Perspectives

– Surveillance – ACAS, Space Based, Flight Tracking

– Cockpit and Avionics Functions and Innovations

The event will also include two certified training courses by Afuzion’s director of Avionics Certification, Vance Hilderman.

The two one-day courses enable avionics engineers to gain enhanced levels of specialist knowledge and will cover:

– “Applied DO-178C / ED-12C” Avionics Software Certification

– “Applied DO-254 & ED-80” Avionics Hardware Certification

The Single European Sky and NextGen challenges continue to dominate the aerospace industry, with targets of ensuring the utilisation of technology to increase traffic, improve aircraft and control communications whilst enhancing safety in an ever increasingly busy sky.

Aviation Electronics Europe will look at the latest and future for cockpit technologies, where airlines aim to deliver the most up-to-date and efficient systems for their pilots and the safety of passengers, as well as updates on the Single European Skies initiative, which enters its third and final phase.

Adrian Broadbent, event director and owner of Aviation Electronics Europe, said, “It is always and exciting time to announce a top quality conference programme that aims to inform, educate and share valuable information and knowledge between industry peers. The Aviation Electronics Europe conference has been regularly delivering the best programme to address the latest challenges and issues facing the avionics industry.”

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