Aviation Logistics Specialist Implements ACI Sameday Courier Software to Speed up AOG Dispatch Services

DA Systems, a UK provider of mobile data and transport management solutions for the transport, retail, healthcare and field service sectors, announced that aviation logistics specialist, Global Eyes, has implemented its same-day courier software, Advanced Courier Interface (ACI).

Global Eyes operates a network of bases throughout the UK to provide support to commercial airline operations. It is currently the only company to provide a complete logistics ‘One Stop Shop’ with an ‘Aircraft on Ground’ service desk for airlines, Maintenance & Repair Organizations (MROs) and other aviation companies.

Global Eyes has achieved year-on-year growth and significantly increased its aviation customer base. However, this has also increased the amount of operational paperwork generated, from managing multi-drop bookings through to preparing invoices. The company’s investment in ACI from DA Systems will eliminate manual tasks and automate business processes such as the management of order processing, which in turn, will ensure Global Eyes’ support services are more efficient, with aircraft able to return to full service more quickly.

Global Eyes provide an essential service for the aviation industry as almost every supplier, including OEM companies, distributors, spare parts dealers and brokers, maintains an Aircraft on Ground (AOG) desk to service calls from airlines requiring the delivery of critical parts. Global Eyes also provides a dedicated aviation manned logistics service to its customers 24 hours a day 365 days per year. This manned service provides transport and logistics services, delivering components and parts for aircraft in an AOG situation in the shortest possible timeframe, which assists aviation customers experiencing technical delays.

Designed by DA Systems specifically for the courier industry, Advance Courier Interface (ACI) gives Global Eyes real-time track and trace functionality plus the ability to automatically email electronic signature capture to provide proof of delivery for every consignment.

Jack Meehan, chairman and managing director at Global Eyes says: “Aircraft on Ground is a term in aviation indicating that a problem is serious enough to prevent an aircraft from flying. Typically there is a rush to acquire the parts to return the aircraft back to service and prevent further delays. Implementing ACI into our logistics operation will enable us to effectively despatch and track critical shipments to the aircraft and enable an immediate return to service.”

“We are delighted to welcome Global Eyes to our customer base, this contract and our strong order pipeline demonstrates the value of our approach, focus and dedication,” David Upton, managing director at DA Systems says “This year has got off to a great start and shows that customers are choosing DA Systems solutions because of our innovation, reputation and industry expertise.”


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