AVM Launches Dynamic New Website

Delivering up-to-date news, informed opinion and comment, as well as market sector analysis has been the goal of this publication since 1983. The magazine has been a leader in its field and we intend not only to match our previous performance, but to continually find ways of serving you better.

Business professionals today access their MRO information from a wide variety of sources, thanks to the internet and the wealth of social media options available worldwide. As you would expect, Aviation Magazine naturally has launched its own selection of these.

Social media and the internet is broad, but this breadth does not necessarily mean quality. For that we all rely on trusted sources that have proven their worth over time – and have the ability to adapt and change where and when necessary.

The Aviation Maintenance magazine (AVM) website (avmdevelop.wpengine.com) was previously more of a simple gateway to access the digital PDF version of the printed magazine. It was functional with good content, but lacked the modern dynamic feature-rich design that makes it easy to search, find, read and play the huge variety of information that this continually gathered and presented by us for you to use.

On January 1, 2017 this changed.

“Our complete redesigned of the website now provides dynamic, direct and full access to all the current and archieved content of the magazine, quickly and easily but with the addition of so much more than before,” said AVM’s owner Adrian Broadbent. Being a hands-on kind of guy, Adrian has driven this change. This is what we have done:

EASIER ACCESS – We have simplified access to all the content. As you read you will only be prompted to enter your email IF you have read more than a few posts in a set period. And the good thing is that you will no longer need a password as our connected database can recognise your email. If your email is not recognised, or you have never previously registered, then you can register free for instant access. Once you do that, then the next time the site will remember your email.

MAGAZINE EDITORIAL CONTENT – ALL sections of the printed magazine are now reproduced within the site without having to access a traditional PDF, although the PDFs are still freely available (including back copies). A selection of our coming features for the printed publication will also be available to read online before publication.

INTELLIGENCE NEWS – In addition to all the news from each issue of the printed magazine, extra breaking news will be added throughout every week, giving you access to news as it happens. Additionally, there is now the ability to filter the news according to your particular preference, whether Commercial, Military, Biz-Jet, Rotorcraft etc..

MRO SEARCH – We have also introduced a useful MRO search facility that not only helps you find anything ever printed in the magazine or listed in our directories but also searches the web as well. This is a very unique research tool.

CURRENT/BACK COPIES – You can now directly view/download/share previous issues/articles back to 2012 as PDF’s.

EVENTS – There are so many shows to keep a track off to consider attending and now our site now lists/covers all the major events for this MRO segment in one handy place. You can of course also submit YOUR event for inclusion or suggest any that you think should be included.

VIDEO – Rather than having to trawl the web for MRO content you can now also view our selected content and again submit YOUR clips for inclusion too.

REPAIR CENTER DIRECTORY & BUYERS GUIDE – We publish our extensive and established directories in the February issue of the publication and now this data is searchable within the site. This is a great resource for quickly identifying companies and contact information without having to start from scratch on the web.

We are delighted with the new format of the website and both Adrian and I would welcome your comments too, as would all the members of the AVM team. Try it out today – from a source that you trust!

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