Avotek Brings Back the Out of Print Textbook Helicopter Maintenance

Avotek has decided to bring back the out-of-print textbook, Helicopter Maintenance. This industry book has been used by many professionals and schools throughout the years and is a solid resource in the helicopter maintenance training field. Joseph Schafer, the author, wrote it for those who want to explore maintaining rotary wing aircraft. If you have any interest in learning or teaching about the principles of flight, helicopter fundamentals, the importance of finding the proper technical information, details on all major helicopter systems—what they do, how they work, and how to maintain them—this is a good resource.

Schafer wrote Helicopter Maintenance and its student workbook so he would have resources to use in teaching. He wrote them on a notepad, and his wife typed them on a typewriter. All of this hard work paid off when they were published in 1980; the books are still used in helicopter maintenance training as schools today.

This textbook covers a wide variety of topics in the helicopter maintenance field. It does this over 10 highly detailed and imaged chapters that are designed to be as informative and explanatory as possible. The 10 chapters are as follows: Helicopters in Use Today; Principles of Flight; Documentation, Publications, and Historical Records; Helicopter Fundamentals; Main Rotor System; Mast and Flight Controls; Main Rotor Transmissions; Powerplants; Tail Rotors; and Airframe and Related Systems.

Helicopter Maintenance can be purchased on the Avotek website for just $49.95. The textbook is available in three different formats: a downloadable eBook PDF, a web-based interactive eBook, and a physical copy (paperback).


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