Avotek Launches Advanced Composites 4th Edition

Avotek offers a new edition of the industry-favorite textbook, Advanced Composites. Ms. Foreman wrote this book to help students become the next generation of aircraft technicians by teaching them about composites and their repair. Instructors and students alike will benefit from these changes:
• Updated content with current materials and practices
• Updated illustrations and new photos
• Added an index
• New, more readable format
• Printed in color, and more
Advanced Composites is written by Cindy Foreman, a well-known and highly respected individual in the advanced composites field. Ms. foreman has an Airframe & Powerplant certificate and has been involved in this work for more than 30 years. She originally wrote the Advanced Composites textbook 29 years ago. Since then, she has continued to learn and grow alongside the composites training field and updated the book when changes were needed. For this 4th edition, the author felt it was time to update the content, and the team at Avotek gave it a facelift and a modern feel. Ms. Foreman has dedicated her life to working with advanced composites, specifically training people on how to repair them. If there is one takeaway that she wants people to know about composites and her textbook, it is this, “In the 30 years of training technicians in advanced composite repair, I have found that with proper training, composites are not hard to work with; they are just different. Learning this simple fact is the primary purpose of this textbook.”
This textbook covers a wide variety of topics in the advanced composites field. It does this over 12 highly detailed and beautifully imaged chapters that are designed to be as user friendly as possible. The 12 chapters are as follows: Introduction to Composites, Reinforcing Fibers, Matrix Materials, Core Materials, Composite Manufacturing, Composite Safety, Applying Pressure, Methods of Curing, Machining Composites, Setting Up Shop, Assessment and Repair, and Types of Repairs.
Advanced Composites 4th edition is available for order now. A corresponding workbook is expected to be available sometime in the fall of 2019.

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