Avotek-Online Offers Aviation Mechanic Instructor Training to Equip New Maintenance Instructors

Avotek’s newest online course, “Aviation Mechanic Instructor Training,” gives instructors the tools and knowledge they will use every day in becoming more effective, specifically in aviation maintenance. The course is a companion to Avotek’s popular book, Aviation Mechanic Instructor’s Handbook, which was released last fall. The book notes that people have different learning styles, so one should deliver the content in various styles. By offering this training in an audio, visual, and online format, author David Jones is following his own advice.

The aviation community has always relied on finding people with the skills needed to do the job, and then employing them to instruct the next generation. Some new instructors quickly discover that they need additional skills and knowledge to become an effective instructor of adult learners. This course includes over 3 hours of material. Jones created the lessons to cover the core concepts that are in the instructor’s handbook.