Avotek Publishes New Edition of Aircraft Turbine Engines Textbook

Avotek’s latest textbook, Aircraft Turbine Engines, second edition is now available. The authors, Purdue University professors Thomas W. Wild and John Michael Davis, updated this classic textbook to explain the latest in turbine engine technology and manufacturing practices. Notable changes for the second edition:
• Updated timeline of advancements
• Added or improved content on enthalpy, additive (3D) manufacturing, digital instrument face examples, engine health management systems
• New format with more color photos and illustrations
• Improved index

The book still covers the unchanging principles of heat engines, performance factors, and all the terminology that goes with them. Turbofan, turboprop, and turboshaft engines are explored, emphasizing their differences and how they fulfill unique requirements. Example engine models are covered in detail for each type.

This book was written for powerplant technicians and crewmembers who service, maintain, and operate gas turbine engines used on today’s aircraft. Comprehensive diagrams and images are used throughout the text to illustrate key concepts. Turbine engine practices and techniques provide background information on standard industry practices.

For more information on this book and the updated content, see the Avotek site: https://www.avotek.com/avotek-releases-aircraft-turbine-engines-second-edition/ . To order this book, go to https://www.avotek.com/shop/aircraft-turbine-engines-textbook/ .

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