Avotek releases Avionics: Systems and Troubleshooting, third edition, by Thomas Eismin

Avotek announced the publication of Thomas Eismin’s Avionics: Systems and Troubleshooting, third edition. The textbook remains an advanced avionics resource for engineers, technicians, educators, and their students. Readers will gain a better understanding of line troubleshooting and computer-controlled aircraft, functional concepts of avionics systems, and the entire aircraft.

Thomas Eismin, an experienced avionics professor and author, said, “This advanced textbook will bring avionics students well ahead of any FAA advanced electronics requirements and satisfy the needs for both corporate and air carrier technicians.”

For this third edition, Mr. Eismin’s improvements include updating the content with technological changes and FAA regulations; adding technical information for modern aircraft (i.e., Cessna Mustang, Boeing 787, and Airbus A350); updating the discussion on fiber optic data transfer systems; updating material on sensor technologies, data link services, and airborne broadband for passenger entertainment; and more.

For more information on this book and the updates, see https://www.avotek.com/avotek-releases-avionics-systems-and-troubleshooting-third-edition-by-thomas-k-eismin/

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