Azul Signs Agreement with Airbus for FHS-Components Program

Azul has selected Airbus’ FHS-Components service for its A330 fleet. The agreement builds on an existing Airbus Flight Hour Services (FHS) program for Azul’s A320 fleet and becomes Airbus’ first contract in the region to provide components for long-range aircraft.

Airbus will be responsible for the day to day management and servicing of the airline’s components which includes: pooling, stock management at the main base of Azul located in Campinas, as well as component maintenance and engineering services. The agreement also includes an on-site Airbus FHS representative in Sao Paulo, repairs, logistics and warehousing.

“This agreement with Airbus allows us to enhance our A330 operations, making them more efficient and reliable,” said Flavio Costa, chief operating officer of Azul.

“Airbus is pleased that Azul has chosen the Airbus FHS-Components program and looks forward to further contributing to the evolution of its operations and maintenance activities,” said Remi Maillard, Airbus head of Services. “This is a result of the successful A320 Airbus FHS-Components program already in place with Azul.”

Airbus says their FHS program is a fully integrated component services program that helps to ensure fleet operational performance. This service will gives Azul the advantage of having a full support for the A330 fleet and allow them to benefit from synergies with the A320 Airbus FHS contract already in place.

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