Big Ass Fans Introduces Double LED Bay Light

Big Ass Fans has unveiled its latest LED product family, the Double LED Bay Light. The company says their Double LED Bay Light is the “most advanced high-bay light in the world.”

Engineered and built to be long-lasting and efficient, Double LEDBay Light’s thermodynamic design dissipates heat quickly and keeps light shining bright, worry-free for years, Big Ass Fans says. There is also a 10-year, full-fixture warranty.

With three mounting options (aircraft cable, pendant, and flush), rotatable modules providing various angles of light distribution (including full 180° rotation for 100 percent uplighting), and five interchangeable lens options to shape and direct light where it needs to go, the Double LED Bay Light is simple to install, adjust, and optimize.

With a max temperature rating of 149 °F (65 °C)and superior light output for over 150,000 hours(17 years of 24/7 operation), Double LED BayLight can hang from the highest ceiling withoutflickering, breaking, or overheating.

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