Boeing S. Carolina Employees Move to Intervene on Right to Work Laws

With legal assistance from the National Right to Work Foundation, a group of Charleston-area Boeing Corporation employees are asking to intervene in the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) case targeting Boeing for locating production in South Carolina in part due to its popular Right to Work law. That law ensures that union dues and membership are strictly voluntary. The NLRB’s complaint, if successful, would eliminate more than 1,000 existing jobs in South Carolina. Further, says the National Right to Work Foundation, the case could set a dangerous precedent that allows union bosses to dictate where job providers locate their facilities. In 2009, Boeing decided to locate a new production line for the 787 Dreamliner to South Carolina, partly because South Carolina is a Right to Work ‘Growing Success’ state. IAM union bosses in the state of Washington cried foul and filed unfair labor practice charges against Boeing, according to the Nation Right to Work Foundation. The NLRB’s Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon sided with IAM union bosses and decided to prosecute Boeing in late April. Workers in Boeing’s South Carolina plant booted IAM union leaders from their plant to attract the Dreamliner production. Boeing employees Dennis Murray, who led the effort to remove the union from the Charleston plant, Cynthia Ramaker, the former president with the local union which was removed from the plant and Meredith Going filed their motion to intervene in the case with the NLRB regional office in Seattle, where the NLRB’s case is pending. MORE ONLINE

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