C912: 3U VPX SBC for High-bandwidth Applications

The versatile C912 from Aitech is a 3U VPX PowerPC SBC designed for high-bandwidth applications. The board is based on Freescale’s new QorIQ T4 Series SoC multi-core, multi-thread processors with AltiVec and has the option to incorporate the ultra low-power T4xx1 processor family for improved thermal management across a wider temperature range.

Enhanced Functionality. When paired with Aitech’s M596 AMD-based XMC, the C912 serves as the heart of Aitech’s CB912 VideoPac that enhances graphics processing in dense computing applications. Integrated software bundles provide the user with real-world solutions for their mission-critical and flight safety, and the ability for D0-178 Level A imaging, high-end graphics and data processing applications.

Flexible Resources. The wide variety of on-board I/O and large memory resources, including on-board mass storage, in combination with the powerful SoC processor, make the C912 an ideal, out-of-the-box SBC for many other data-intensive rugged applications.

COTS Convenience. An industry standard XMC slot provides flexibility and expandability, along with the availability and cost benefits, of COTS. For improved security assurance, the C912 also includes the latest QorIQ Secure Boot and Trust Architecture 2.0. Its mechanical and electrical designs guarantee operation over the full range of rugged application environments. The C912 is available in industry standard, conduction-cooled and air-cooled form factors.

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