Cabin Interior Recycling—The Key to Avoiding Land-Fill

Attention to aviation’s’ green credentials continues to be of relentless focus. Especially those that are involved in the manufacture, maintenance and ultimately replacement of aircraft cabin interiors. According to Tony Seville, the means of recycling complete cabin interiors is already here and his company, SD Aviation is fully capable of recycling these components to such an extent, that 100 percent of the aircraft cabin interior completely avoids land-fill.

Yet, when approaching some of the industry’s leading aviation organizations, the response more often than not is a negative one, citing the cost of re-cycling as higher than that of sending aircraft cabin interior components & materials to land-fill sites, and does absolutely nothing for the ‘Green Credentials’ of the world’s operators, maintainers and OEMs

Modern commercial aircraft have to be complete with complex and commercially and aesthetically attractive cabin interior environments. A large proportion of the on-board equipment uses very exotic plastic solutions that include polycarbonates. Up until now, this equipment only really had two ways to go at the end of their service lives. They were either sold via secondary markets or found their way into land-fills. As an industry, aviation is constantly being derided by its critics for not really taking its green responsibilities seriously.

However, the aviation industry has expended considerable time developing advanced processes that can completely recycle 100 percent of a passenger seat (integrated avionics included), as well as other interior components like floors, side panels and ceilings. According to Tony Seville of SD Aviation,“Few operators even realize that on fuel alone, current recycling processes can off-set their carbon footprint by as much as 66 percent.” In other words, for every fifteen tonnes of cabin interiors recycled, the operator can off-set its’ fuel-burn by up to the equivalent of ten metric tonnes. How’s that for radically enhancing your green image?


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