Call for Aviation Manufacturing/MRO Testing Papers

The parent company of Aviation Maintenance Magazine, Aerospace & Security Media, will once again be hosting their annual conference in Munich, Germany on March 12 and 13, 2019. Only this coming year, the event is expanding to include three distinct events.

Avionics-Expo, established more than ten years ago, will continue to look at avionics programs including how an estimated $120 billion will be spent on air transportation systems transformation in the next 10 years and the avionics needs of aircraft operators to deal with the modernization and harmonization across the world.

Connected Aircraft Europe will be an inaugural event alongside Avionics-Expo and aims to add new dimensions to the established connectivity themes of IFC and IFEC – by including AI, VR, IoT, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Flight Tracking, Flight Operations and MRO applications. Crucial to airline operators looking to stay on top of the latest information and technology to protect their connected aircraft.

And the third co-located event is Aerospace Testing Expo. In this second-year event, both manufacturing and MRO test equipment, strategies, processes and best practices will be discussed. The event will also discuss the latest regulations, challenges, technological developments and systems that affect the design and construction of aircraft, whether civil or military, fixed-wing or rotary, or even rocket/space sectors. It will also look at the inspection of aircraft in the MRO environment.

These three co-located events will foster an environment for an organic cross-flow of visitors from airlines and manufacturers. There will be workshops, certified training and an exhibition floor full of the latest technology in these three arenas.

The location in Munich, Germany allows access to airline professionals from all over the world. Munich is full of historic and beautiful sights. It is a major center for art, technology, finance, culture, innovation, business and tourism. Quite simply, perfect for bringing family along so they can also enjoy the beautiful Bavarian countryside and perhaps stay a few extra days and slip across the border into Austria, the Czech Republic or head up into the Alps.

Our call for papers for the Aerospace Testing Expo is open now and we ask those involved in this sector to submit their abstracts to me directly at my email address, with “Aerospace Testing Expo Call for Papers” in the subject line. We are looking for test engineers, manufacturing certification and test professionals, quality control engineers, project management professionals, NDT professionals and equipment makers, as well as those involved in test systems, avionics testing, corrosion testing, aerospace coatings, aerospace composites, structural testing, vibration testing, fatigue testing and wind tunnel testing. Please submit as soon as possible (by October 25, 2018) for consideration to be added to our line-up of speakers.

Now let me direct your attention to the issue in your hands. We have several fascinating stories for you. First, find our cover story, Tools and Tech for Hangar Pros and MROs, on page 38. We sought out interesting, unique tools to highlight in our product roundup of tools and safety equipment. On the cover, check out the Coolture Cooling Vest. This is a personal, wearable cooling device that helps workers, who are exposed to the elements on the ramp or in hangars that are not climate controlled, maintain their body temperature. With MROs trying to improve efficiencies even as the mechanic shortage bubbles up, having a worker pass out from heat exhaustion or worse, heat stroke, will set you back. This reasonably priced vest could be the solution to heat-related issues. Also look for interesting updates from ProtoTools, Grypmat, Lighthouse Safety, AllProtect, SureFire (EarPro), TriSoft, Eidos, Tork Wipes, Human Hoist, Latchways, Mototok, Lock N Climb, and 8tree.

Next, we continue our look at the vigorous Western European MRO market in Part II of our European MRO story. Industry experts Richard Brown from ICF and Marcel Versteeg, owner of VZM Management Services, offer insights into the times. We spoke with many of the players in the area as well, to see what their latest offerings include and to gain their unique eye on the market. Of particular interest to me was Mário Lobato de Faria, TAP Maintenance & Engineering’s chief technical officer’s sage advice on the next generation of technical workers.

Our last feature takes a look at specialized training for maintainers. One of Steven Covey’s habits in “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” is called “Sharpening the Saw,” and is all about continuous improvement. As aircraft maintenance becomes more technical, increased training in specialized areas will help differentiate MROs and provide improved services for their customers. We spoke to Eric Henry at Applied Technical Services (ATS); Michael Hoke, president of ABARIS Training; Monarch’s head of Learning and Development, Dean Giles, and Brian Goodsite at FlightSafety Int’l. Learn about the latest specialized training being offered to keep the “saw sharpened.”

Enjoy the issue and we look forward to seeing you in Munich in March!

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