CAN-MD Completes Successful Test on GE H80 Turboprop Engine

The Dytran/Sage Controller Area Network – Machinery Diagnostic (CAN-MD) development team reports successful results from their sensor-based machinery diagnostic platform initial testing. A testing campaign at GE Aviation Czech was recently completed, validating the effectiveness of the system for full time vibration health monitoring (VHM) in small turboprop applications. The test series was conducted via a side-by-side comparison using GE’s test cell engine data acquisition system.

The internally microprocessor-enabled CAN-MD sensors successfully and accurately acquired, processed and broadcasted the detected vibration signatures onto the digital data bus in the form of Condition Indicators (CIs) that correlate into component faults, the company reports. Data from CAN-MD was then integrated with the test cell display and control system for immediate comparison. “With vibration processing now being accomplished on the sensor, CAN-MD fault detection can easily be integrated into existing test cells, aircraft avionics, and flight tracking systems providing for a full time lightweight and scalable VHM solution that supports both engine/propeller health and propeller balance while eliminating the need for temporary fit support equipment,” said Paul Grabill, ehief engineer, Sage Machinery Diagnostics.

During the next phase of testing, CAN-MD will be installed on a flying testbed using the H80 engine to validate the diagnostics capabilities seen in recent testing. The end target could be the introduction of this solution on the Hxx engine series with a full integration into the aircraft’s avionics to record data relative to the health of the propeller, compressor, turbine, gearbox, and accessories.

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