Bluestreak I Bright AM Achieves CMMC Registered Practitioner Organization Status

Bluestreak Compliance, a division of Bluestreak | Bright AM, a quality management and manufacturing execution system software company, proudly announces its approval as a CMMC Registered Practitioner Organization (RPO) by the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Accreditation Body (Cyber-AB). This significant achievement enables Bluestreak Compliance™to offer expert consulting services to defense contractors and suppliers aiming to comply with CMMC cybersecurity standards and prepare for their Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) audits.

In January 2020, the Department of Defense (DoD) introduced the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program to ensure that contractors have implemented adequate security measures to protect sensitive data across its extensive 300,000-contractor supply chain, known as the Defense Industrial Base (DIB). The CMMC 2.0 framework includes three certification levels, from Foundational to Expert, covering 14 control families and 110 practices aligned with NIST SP 800-171 R2.
Although CMMC 2.0 has not been fully released, the DoD plans to implement the CMMC program under a four-phased plan starting as early as Q1 2025, with all new solicitations for contracts involving Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and Federal Contract Information (FCI) by October 1, 2026, to secure DoD contracts.

“CMMC certification is critical for your business because it sets clear and rigorous cybersecurity standards, ensuring that all contractors meet essential security requirements to protect sensitive information and strengthen our national defense,” said Joe Coleman, cyber security officer, CMMC-RPA. “If you do any work for a DoD contractor or handle CUI in any way, you must become certified.”

Happy Charles Taylor Day!

Charles Taylor, who was the Wright Brothers’ mechanic and is considered the father of aviation maintenance, was born on May 24th. AMT Day is celebrated each year in the aviation maintenance industry and honors Charles Taylor on the date of his birth. Like Taylor, aircraft mechanics are truly the unsung heroes of the aviation industry. Congress passed a resolution supporting the goals and ideals of National AMT Day in 2008. After several years of continuous effort, Senate Resolution #SRES335 passed in December 2016, joining Congressional Resolution #RES#444, recognizing May 24 as AMT Day, and the day is now observed in many states in the U.S. Here’s to all the people who work selflessly to ensure the safety of our air transportation system.

CustomCells Strengthens Commitment in eAviation

CustomCells, a leading innovator in the development of premium lithium-ion battery cells, announces its strategic move towards achieving Design Organization and Production Organization certifications from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). This landmark initiative underscores CustomCells’ commitment to advancing the electrification of aviation and setting new standards for airworthy battery solutions. CustomCells is deepening its involvement in the e-Aviation ecosystem exhibition and conference season, starting by taking part in the aviation show “AERO Friedrichshafen” this week together with its partner VÆRIDION. Finally, the company’s new white paper will be presented there. Entitled “The Enabler of eAviation: Advanced Batteries for a Cleaner Sky”, CustomCells provides an overview of the status of current developments and how its high-performance battery cells will help electric flight achieve a breakthrough. 
A Milestone for CustomCells 
The pursuit of EASA certifications marks a significant milestone in our journey, reinforcing our dedication to excellence, safety, and innovation in designing battery cells that meet the rigorous demands of electric aviation applications. By meeting EASA’s stringent standards, CustomCells aims to provide the aviation industry with battery cells that offer unmatched reliability, performance, and safety. As we embark on this certification process, CustomCells is committed to transparency and collaboration with regulatory bodies, industry partners, and stakeholders.

Advanced Batteries for a Cleaner Sky
While the electrification of road transport is making steady progress, a comparable technological change in aviation has yet to materialize. Together with its customers, CustomCells is driving the transformation to environmentally friendly battery-electric drive systems – paving the way for sustainable and climate-neutral aviation.

“As a company dedicated to the development of advanced energy storage solutions, we are happy to share our insights and expertise with industry representatives, cooperation partners and the interested public – and with all aviation enthusiasts who, like us, have a vision of a sustainable, electrified future for air travel,” says Dr Dirk Abendroth, CEO of the CustomCells Group.

With the white paper, CustomCells provides an overview of the technological future of aviation. Particular attention is paid to the crucial role that lithium-ion batteries will play in the electrification of aviation. The paper outlines the current eAviation landscape and the highly dynamic development in this area, presents the different types of electric aircraft and the different battery form factors and also describes the certification of electrically powered aircraft.

The Central Part of the Electric Transformation of Flying

As one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of lithium-ion battery cells in the premium segment, CustomCells is significantly shaping innovations in the eAviation sector. “CustomCells is a pioneer and technological trailblazer in the battery industry. The electrification of aviation calls for innovative solutions that have not existed until now,” says Abendroth. “Our cutting-edge battery cell solutions are the key to unlocking the immense potential of electric flight and ushering in an era in which aircraft are emission-free, quiet and efficient. We are the co-pilots of the next century story.”

Eric Swedersky, Senior Vice President Commercialisation at CustomCells, adds: “The use of high-performance battery cells enables the next generation of flight – from electric vertical take-off and short take-off aircraft to conventional take-off and landing aircraft. For short distances, the first battery-electric aircraft of this type are already in the starting blocks, equipped with state-of-the-art battery cell technology from CustomCells – including Lilium and VÆRIDION, for example. This opens up a completely new segment of urban and regional mobility.

Sustainable, digital and electrically powered eAviation offers innovative solutions for modern mobility requirements. CustomCells is driving this development forward with high-performance, German-engineered battery cells.”

Air Plains Services Named Authorized Garmin Dealer  

Air Plains Services, a world leader in general aviation engine and avionics upgrades, has been named an authorized dealer for Garmin International avionics components and systems.

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer our customers access to Garmin products as an authorized dealer,” said Katie Church, Air Plains president. “Whatever the project – a total engine and avionics upgrade or simply a panel upgrade – we can now supply a cost-effective Garmin solution as part of our one-stop-shop capability.

“More and more often, our customers are coming to us with requirements that reach beyond an engine upgrade, whether they are private owners or fleet operators,” Church added. “They see this as an opportunity to completely transform an older Cessna into an aircraft that continues to meet 21st century flight operations. As a Garmin dealer, we can better meet their requirements at a greater overall value.”

Garmin is one of the best-known suppliers of general aviation avionics and offers a full range of products including navigation and communication components, sensors, transponders, weather and traffic systems, and engine monitors.

In addition to its widening range of avionics, Air Plains offers the added benefit of custom powder-coated and laser engraved avionics panels, designed and produced in-house on CNC machines specifically to the customer’s preferred layout.

“When a customer chooses to upgrade the avionics and engine at the same time, we’re able to offer a package price that takes into account the synergy of labor hours required for both,” Church said. “That can translate to a significant cost savings.”  

Air Plains plans to host an event in Wellington, Kansas this summer with Garmin technical experts on hand to answer customer questions. More information will be shared in coming weeks.  

Avotek Publishes ACS-Centered Book Series

Avotek has published a new series of aviation maintenance textbooks that follow the FAA’s Aviation Mechanic Airman Certification Standards (ACS). Avotek used the ACS as a roadmap to create more than 2,100 pages of General, Airframe, and Powerplant material.

The current generation of books and handbooks from other publishers and organizations may be missing some of the subjects included in the ACS, and are arranged differently. This causes extra work and jumping around for instructors and students. The new Avotek book series eases the workload for instructors, curriculum designers, and administrators because of the 1-to-1 mapping of ACS subjects to the books.

The four books are:
• Aviation Mechanic — General
• Aviation Mechanic — Airframe Volume 1 and Volume 2
• Aviation Mechanic — Powerplant

As background, the FAA made a huge step forward with the new Part 147 in modernizing the training requirements that aviation maintenance schools must deliver. Avotek created the new book series that is specifically tailored to work with the new requirements.

The books are available for ordering now.

Lincoln Electric Launches Sprinter 180Si 

Lincoln Electric introduces the Sprinter 180Si stick welder. This versatile machine delivers superior arc performance for stick welding combined with advanced TIG functionality, all wrapped up in a portable, lightweight package, thanks to the newest inverter technology. 

The 180Si is designed with a maximum output of 180 amps to enable exceptional stick welding quality. Operators can weld up to 5/32-inch electrodes (6010/7018) and can even choose a dedicated 6010 mode for cellulosic stick electrodes. 

But the 180Si is more than just a stick welder. It also delivers 200 amps for TIG welding and offers a variety of advanced TIG features: 

  • Pulse mode with options ranging from .1-100 pulses per second 
  • A choice of high-frequency or lift start options at the push of a button 
  • TIG-ready capabilities with an 8-pin connector for foot pedals, hand amptrols and other devices  

The 180Si is also portable and versatile. Weighing in at less than 20 pounds, it goes anywhere easily and the dual-input voltage enables the operator to plug into any common power supply. Once it’s up and running, the simple user interface provides an easy-to-read seven-segment display and easy push-button controls. And it all packs up neatly in an ergonomically designed case with a handle and shoulder strap that make it easier to carry and move – around the shop or to any location. 

Stick or TIG, in the shop or on the move, the Sprinter 180Si is ideal for welders of every kind – home hobbyist, professional, or both. And it’s ready for every type of work – maintenance and repair, farm, light industrial, shipbuilding and more. 

Get out and run with the Sprinter 180Si stick welder. 

AEPA Seeks Congressional Legislation to Address Workforce Challenges 

The Aerospace Education Program Alliance (AEPA) is urging industry to support the enactment of legislation that would, for the first time, bring government, industry and education together to address critical shortages in the aviation and aerospace workforce. Support for the Aerospace Workforce Development Program would grow the workforce and increase access for those interested in aviation/aerospace careers.

The organization, which arose out of the Youth Access to Aviation Jobs in America Task Force, is urging aviation, aerospace and defense companies and associations to support the Aerospace Workforce Development Program which is on the cusp of being introduced in Congress. 

“While educational funding for aviation/aerospace education is a major issue for aerospace education programs, funding alone will not solve the workforce problem,” said AEPA CEO Dr. Ralph K. Coppola, in describing the reason behind the initiative. “The key to solving the workforce problem is a developing a process to focus resources on the programs that are successfully addressing the workforce issue.”

The Aerospace Workforce Development Program has two parts. (1) Modification of Department of Defense aerospace contracts to include aerospace education programs as subcontractors; and (2) Establish an Aerospace Education Program List on the DoD website where companies will find effective education programs to partner with and invest in as subcontractors. The list will rank aerospace education programs based on their contribution to the workforce.

The legislation grew out of the Congressionally mandated youth task force. To be eligible for education subcontracts, aerospace education organizations must show that they are effective in addressing workforce shortages in pilot, aircraft maintenance, aerospace engineering, manufacturing and other technically related fields. 

The proposed legislation is the second, industry-wide initiative bringing task force recommendations to fruition with the first being the creation of AEPA itself. 

AEPA is asking Aviation, Aerospace and Defense companies and organizations to join more than 20 organizations and businesses who have already signed on to a letter supporting this program which is below.

To view the letter click here

To support the introduction of this legislation: Click the link to the Google form to add your organization’s name to the letter.

Premier Aircraft Celebrate Being the First U.S. Dealer to Take Retail Delivery of the Diesel-Powered Diamond DA50 RG

Premier Aircraft Sales, the oldest and most trusted Diamond Aircraft dealer in America, celebrates being the first U.S. dealer to take retail delivery of Diamond’s revolutionary new single-engine, jet fuel, diesel-powered DA50 RG.

“We were the first U.S. Dealer to deliver a new DA50 RG to a customer during last year’s Oshkosh, AirVenture, and now, becoming the first dealer to take delivery of our own DA50 RG demonstrator is another milestone for Premier Aircraft Sales,” stated Travis Peffer, CEO of Premier Aircraft Sales. “We are extremely proud that our long relationship with Diamond Aircraft has allowed us to be the first Diamond dealer to offer our customers the opportunity to fly and buy this incredibly efficient, comfortable, and beautiful airplane.”

“Ever since the DA50 RG’s introduction in 2020, it has arguably been the most anticipated new single-engine piston aircraft in history,” added Jeff Owen, VP of sales for Premier Aircraft Sales. “Now that we have our demonstrator available, we’re excited to give prospective owners a chance to experience for themselves why it’s earned its place as a truly aspirational airplane.”

The Diamond DA50 RG is powered by the six-cylinder 300-hp Continental Aerospace Technologies CD-300 geared, liquid-cooled, turbo-charged, Jet-A1-fueled engine, which is controlled by two redundant Full-Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) units.

The extra benefits of operating a jet-A fuel-powered aircraft are low emissions, low fuel consumption, and global fuel availability, making it very attractive for Premier Aircraft Sales customers in the continental U.S. and Caribbean Islands. Owens said Premier Aircraft Sales’ new DA50 RG demonstrator will be on static display during the upcoming U.S. Aircraft Expo, February 2nd and 3rd, at the Pompano Beach Airpark.

Hartzell Extends Backcountry Prop Discounts to RAF Supporters

Hartzell Propeller will extend a $1,000 discount to supporters of the Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) on all new Hartzell backcountry aircraft propellers, through 2024. In addition to these savings, Hartzell Propeller is making a $250 contribution to the RAF mission for each of these special sales.  

“We are pleased to be able, once again, to extend this special offer to RAF supporters for the fourth consecutive year,” said Hartzell President JJ Frigge. “In addition to providing these $1,000 discounts on backcountry props, we will contribute $250 directly to the RAF for each propeller sold as a result of this special offer. This is an example of our continuing support for the adventure of flight, and the RAF’s mission to preserve aviation access to the backcountry,” he added.  

RAF Chairman John McKenna said, “Once again, we are very appreciative for Hartzell’s continued support of the RAF. This relationship is special, and it is a genuine benefit to RAF supporters, and a real incentive to becoming a new RAF supporter.”

Voyager, Pathfinder, and Trailblazer Props

The backcountry propellers offered include:

The Voyager – three-blade Aluminum Scimitar – Optimized for the Cessna 180, 182, 185, and 206 fleets powered by certain Continental 470 engines, and Continental 520 and 550 engines under a recent STC.

The Pathfinder – three-blade “Raptor” carbon fiber composite – Available for the Cubcrafters XCub and Carbon Cub FX, as well as the Glasair Sportsman, American Legend and several other experimental aircraft.

The Trailblazer – two-blade or three-blade carbon fiber composite – Available for various aircraft models from American Champion, American Legend, Aviat, Avipro, Cubcrafters, Glasair, Maule, and several other experimental aircraft.   Each of these propellers is designed to maximize performance for backcountry operations, including shorter takeoff rolls and better climb rates. 

Boise Hangar Under Construction Collapses Killing Three

An investigation is underway to find the cause of a hangar collapse at the Boise airport that killed three people and injured nine others this week. Five of the injured were in critical condition Wednesday, according to the local fire department.. Authorities said. workplace safety officials are investigating the accident.

The hangar was under construction, according to the fire department. A press release said the city’s building division had found no concerns or issues at a recent inspection at the site. The collapse required an “incredibly large emergency response,” according to Aaron Hummel, Boise Fire Division chief of operations.

Investigators from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) are trying to determine what caused the collapse, officials said Thursday. The site is fenced off and nearby streets are closed.

“Our thoughts are with the families who lost loved ones and those who are awaiting news on those still in critical conditions,” said Mayor Lauren McLean. She added the community is facing “a profound loss.”

Idaho Gov. Brad Little said on X (formerly Twitter) that state officials were monitoring the situation “to find out how we can assist” and asked that people “keep the victims … in your prayers.”