Celeste Partners with ITW Pro to Bring a Water-Based Cleaner/Degreaser to MROs

Celeste Industries has a new aircraft approved, heavy duty cleaner/degreaser to offer the aerospace MRO industry through a partnership with ITW Pro Brands, makers of LPS products. Precision Clean: Aviation Grade meets the necessary surface compatibility requirements to be safely used on aircraft components, while demonstrating exceptional cleaning and degreasing capabilities.

“At both Celeste and Pro Brands, our teams work to ensure that all of our products are effective and meet the highest standards of the industry,” says Emily Romblad, Aerospace Business Development manager for Celeste. “This enhanced formula for Precision Clean is part of our commitment to the industry and our customers. Our goal is to provide effective cleaning and maintenance chemicals that always meet the most recent standards of our customers.”

Precision Clean: Aviation Grade is an enhanced formulation of the original LPS Precision Clean, with improved effectiveness on aviation soils. It easily removes grease, dirt buildup, hydraulic fluid, bug debris, and carbon buildup while remaining both user and environmentally friendly. The enhanced water-based formula utilizes green chemistry, is biodegradable, and has little to no VOC (volatile organic compounds) content.

This enhanced, heavy duty cleaner/degreaser meets the necessary requirements to be safely used on aircraft components, including aircraft exterior surfaces, wings, underbellies, wheel wells, and landing gear. Both the ready-to-use and concentrate formulas conform to Boeing D6-17487 and AMS 1526C specifications for surface compatibility requirements, such as paint softening, hydrogen embrittlement, and sandwich corrosion; ensuring the product is safe to use on painted and unpainted aircraft exterior surfaces.

Celeste and Pro Brands are sister-companies through Illinois Tool Works (ITW). This partnership enables the ability to bring stronger, more effective water-based cleaners to the Aerospace MRO Industry.

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