C&L Aerospace Signs Distribtorship with Concorde Battery for ERJ 135/145 Battery

C&L Aerospace has signed a distribution agreement with Concorde Battery Corporation for their ERJ 135/145 Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery.  

“Concorde is a premier manufacturer of SLA batteries, which is a product we at C&L have been successful in converting fleets to in other airframes,” said Martin Cooper, senior vice president of Sales for C&L Aerospace. “We are excited to provide this solution to our ERJ 135/145 operators and that Concorde has selected us as a valued partner ensuring that airlines and MROs, and military operators worldwide have access to their product.”

Concorde’s SLA batteries are a cost-effective alternative to Nickel Cadmium batteries. Benefits include drop-in battery replacement, lower cost to acquisition, reduced cost per flight hour, no memory effect, cycling requirements, or thermal runaway, hazmat-exempt shipping, and more. They also have a cold-weather performance that is equal to or better than nickel-cadmium. All of this contributes to a lower operating cost for the aircraft.

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